Connecting Business Needs with Technology

Our Mission

Sapphire Point Technical Consulting's primary mission is to help further the goals of the businesses we work with by making their technical organization as efficient and effective as it possible.  At Sapphire Point, the goals of your business come first and only by understanding those goals can we understand the best way to improve the technical side of the business.

What we do

In short, whatever it takes to improve the efficiency of the technical organization. A full audit of your technical organization is a great place to start.  An audit of the technical organization is a fantastic way to get to a clear understanding of how things operate.  From there, recommendations on how things can be improved can be made. However, if there are specific problems you know need to be addressed Sapphire Point is more than ready to jump in and start solving the problems you know you have. Ultimately its you, the client, who makes the decision on how Sapphire Point can help you accelerate your business.

Phil Beckman


Phil Beckman, president and founder of Sapphire Point, has been working in the technology industry all his life and has a great passion not just for technology but for how technology fits into the overall needs of the business and how the proper application of technology and process can help a business grow. Phil believes that building a great technical organization involves a careful blend of people, process, infrastructure, tools and the data that drives things. Only when this balance is met is a technical organization able to reach its full potential. The goals of any business are far easier to meet when the technical organization is properly structured, the right people are on staff, the appropriate processes are in place, the infrastructure/tools are properly aligned and the data necessary to make appropriate decisions is present.

Phil started his career back in the early 80s as one of the first people in the country to be developing software for the (then new) Apple Macintosh. Writing code and building great software products was then and continues to be one of Phil’s strongest passions. Though he still likes to get “down into the trenches” with the technology his primary desire now is to understand the needs of a business and apply his technical, process and organizational thinking to those problems. “What I'm all about is the chance to use my experience and my knowledge of technical management to help companies realize their goals.  I’m here to help”.

Phil has broad experience in corporate settings both large and small, as well as deep technical knowledge across a variety of platforms. Phil was one of the early employees at Open Text which grew from less than $10M in revenue when he joined to over $500M at the time of his departure. Open Text revenues today exceed $1B much of it still based on the products Phil and the rest of Open Text’s original development team built.  His work at SpringCM made him one of the early pioneers in what is now most commonly known as cloud-based computing. Phil's broad exposure to a wide variety of environments and his passion for seeing things done "right" is the primary driver behind Sapphire Point today.