Connecting Business Needs with Technology

Sapphire Point offers full implementation services for any of the recommendations we make. Having a high-level strategy for your technical organization is an important first step in building a high performance team but the real payback comes when that strategy is put into action and your technical organization begins changing to match the goals of the business itself. Sapphire Point can provide whatever is necessary to put your strategy and our recommendations into motion. We'll stick with you throughout the implementation cycle to make certain things are done right the first time.

Implementation can take a variety of forms and Sapphire Point has experience with all of them. Whether you need help with traditional configuration and deployment of tools, process restructuring and training or rolling out a new hiring/staff retention program, Sapphire Point can put the right team in place to make certain the changes happen smoothly and that they take root in the organization.

Mr. Beckman has deep experience with a variety of tools and methods for improving a technical organization. His specialtiesinclude:

  • Cloud computing
  • Development/operations process modeling and deployment
  • Agile/Scrum processes
  • Enterprise Content Management systems
  • Atassian Jira
  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server
  • SQL Server and SQL Analysis Services

If you need help putting your plans for your technical team into motion, give Sapphire Point a call.